Race Review: Super Couch Potato 5k, 2/3/19

screen shot 2019-01-18 at 7.40.01 pmOn the biggest football-watching, food-indulging day of the year, I decided to do something healthy. I don’t even watch the game, but my friend convinced me that running a 5k this February morning would be a good idea. I’m still recovering from a lower back injury incurred two weeks ago (caused by overdoing it during an exercise program). I’ve been in a lot of pain. It’s been a physical and emotional set back. I didn’t want to re-aggravate my injury, so I knew I would be proceeding with this race with caution.


The race took place at Onondaga Lake Park in Liverpool, NY, about an hour and a half from my house (near Syracuse). The up and back route was a course I’ve run before. Race time wasn’t until 11 a.m, so thankfully we didn’t have to leave too early. For those of you familiar with Syracuse, the course is where they do Lights on the Lake at Christmas time (hence you can see some of the light displays along the route).

IMG_0482My friend and I got to the park around 9:30 and parked in a lot right by the course. Parking was plentiful. We then walked up the street to The Cobblestone Ale House  to pick up our race bibs. Instead of a t-shirt, you got a hat with the race logo – a potato sitting on a couch (ironic since we were the exact opposite of couch potatoes!). You also got a beer sleeve with the same logo – cute! They had restrooms inside you could use or wait and use a porta potty outside by the lake (closer to the course). After we got our gear, we headed to the car, put our stuff inside and then checked out the course. We waited in the car a bit after that, and then headed to the starting line.


Doing a race in February usually means cold, ice, wind, slippery conditions and snow. On this day though, temperatures were in the mid 30’s – much milder than the frigid below zero cold we’ve recently experienced. There was ice on the course, but overall it wasn’t too slippery. You just needed to pay attention while running and avoid those areas.

After a few announcements and the national anthem, we were off. I started off slow, mainly because I was worried about my injury. My friend sped up and was on her way. My back felt good, and I ran the whole race. There was one water stop a little after the halfway point. They were giving out water in what looked like special recyclable cups. I ended up finishing the race only a bit slower than I did my last race (37:46, 12:10 min mile pace). Still nothing to brag about at all, but considering I’m recovering from an injury, not too bad.


We headed back to the Cobblestone after the race ended. It was extremely crowded, and we had a bit of a drive back, so we didn’t end up staying. I saw a lot of people with bagels and soup – not sure if that was free. I also did not see who won the awards or the raffle for a TV and furniture gift certificate.
Overall, this was a nice race. It was a good way to burn calories before the big game. They had over 450 runners, so clearly a lot of people felt the same way. Running by the lake offers a scenic view, and the course is flat and easy to follow.





I’m not sure what my next race will be. I felt fine after running, but earlier in the week, I was in a lot of pain after running. If that happens in the next 24-48 hours after this race, I will have to reevaluate on whether I will even be able to continue running without further injuring myself. I also need to lose more weight.  Running/exercise is a big part of that, so I’m nervous. I’m also in budget mode this year, and I don’t want to pay a lot in race entrance fees. Time will tell on my next steps.

Until next time, see you on the roads!


Posing with the Syracuse “Crunch” man mascot, lol! #ILoveMascots

Race Start Time: 11 a.m.
Weather:  Mid 30s, cloudy
Location: Onondaga Lake path, Liverpool, NY
Course: Flat, up and back. Certified course along the lake at Onondaga Lake Park
Results: Super Couch Potato 5k Race Results
Amenities: Porta Potty, real restrooms in The Cobblestone, on site parking (lot or street)
Waterstops: one
Media Coverage/Press:  Will add any photos, video, etc. that I see (more to come)
More Info:  Facebook Page

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Race Review: Rochester Ugly Sweater 5k 12/1/18

IMG_9442.jpg‘Tis the season for ugly Christmas sweaters! I’ve run an Ugly Christmas Sweater Race before, in Syracuse. This time, they brought the series to Rochester for the first time. The race took place in Honeoye Falls, about 15 minutes from where I live. You could pick up your race bib the day before at various locations (running stores) or the day of the race at Flaherty’s Irish Pub. They also had Christmas sweaters you could buy for $10 to wear.

The race starting point was a festive location – decorated with a Christmas tree and lights throughout, as well as a fireplace.  I also liked that there were real bathrooms you could use inside.  I got to the race about 45 minutes ahead of time, and parked in the back parking lot. There, I met up with my friend Robin. She is battling a running injury and was planning to run/walk.

As people filed in, it was great to see all the sweaters. People are so creative and clever! I saw an amazing Elf on the Shelf, as well as a group of people dressed as toys from the Land of the Misfit Toys, among many others.

Everyone was in good spirits as we headed to the starting line. Thankfully, the weather was so much warmer than the frigid race I ran on Thanksgiving. This time, it was in the mid 30s at the start of race time, as opposed to being 12 degrees.

Around 1 pm, we took off. The course ran through the town of Honeoye Falls. Basically, you kept making a right on the course. There were signs marking 1k, 2k, 3k, etc. There were two water stops, but I think the first was unofficial, because I saw people handing out wine, lol! Overall, the course was flat, with slightly downhill parts in sections. The final turn brought you to a sidewalk, and then you ran to the finish, which was right by a waterfall in town. Being a big waterfall fan, I loved that.

I was able to pick up my pace and shave a few minutes off my previous race time (37.03 minutes, 11:56 min mile pace, 189/267, 116/181 females, 12/21 in my age/gender range). After the race, you could head inside for free chili and bread. I had an out of town guest visiting, so I was not able to stay for the post race festivities, although I believe your bib got you other discounts (beer, food, etc).

The race was a benefit for the Honeoye Falls-Mendon Volunteer Ambulance Corp. Because I did not hang around, I did not see who won the awards or the ugly sweater contest. The local media was also at the race, so they ended up getting some nice press for this event, which is always a good thing – especially for first year races.

I think this inaugural Rochester event was a success and will grow even more next year. People love ugly sweaters, and it’s a great way to ring in the holiday season. The swag was great too – you got an Ugly Sweater hat, jingle bells and finish medal, which you could easily turn into a Christmas tree ornament.

This was my last race of the season. I know there are other local races before the end of the year, but that’s it for me. I still run 5-7 times a week. Hopefully, I will be thinner and faster in the New Year, so I can continue to improve on my pace.

Until next time, see you on the roads!

Time: 1:00 p.m.
Weather:  Mid 30s, slight breeze, cloudy
Location: Honeoye Falls, NY
Course: Flat
Results: Race Results
Amenities: Real bathrooms inside, ample parking
Waterstops: one official, one unofficial
Media Coverage/Press:  WROC TV 8 Story (video) , WHAM 13 Story
More Info:  Facebook Event Page    FB photo album from race day

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Race Review: Mendon Turkey Trot, Mendon, NY 11/22/18


“This race is snow or shine.” That line was from an email I received prior to the race. Wow, they weren’t kidding! Race day brought with it snow bursts and the coldest temperatures we’ve seen on Thanksgiving in years. It was 12 degrees when the race started (brrrrrr!), and this day ended up being in the top five for lowest temperatures for our city. That fact didn’t stop the runners though, because let’s face it – runners are hardcore, and if you want to run in upstate New York, you need to be able to tolerate a variety of conditions, or you will be stuck inside on the dreadmill all Winter (even though technically, it’s still Fall).

I learned that this race was in its 5th year, but I didn’t know about it until recently. There are quite a few races to choose from in/near Rochester on Thanksgiving. The biggest race draws thousands. While that could be fun, it can also be a hassle. I wanted something more low key, and this fit the bill.

I picked up my race bib the night before. The race was only $15, t shirt optional (and extra). I did buy the tshirt – a long sleeve shirt with the logo you see above.

When I woke up Thanksgiving morning and saw the temperature, I definitely had my doubts about going. I’m not a fan of running in the cold AT ALL, but I am a fan of turkey trots, I already paid and I needed to work out. My main worry was a medical condition that is made worse by this type of weather. I have Raynauds (a painful circulation issue exacerbated by cold). To combat this,  I wore three pairs of handwarmers and foot warmers to prevent getting an attack.

I headed to Mendon around 7:45 a.m. There was ample parking in a church parking lot. Fortunately, you could wait inside StudioMove (a race sponsor) until the race started. At around ten of nine, we went outside, listened to directions from the race director (and learned about who the race benefited) and then were told to follow the timing person to the start of the course. Proceeds from the race benefits Gates to Recovery, a program that helps those with addiction issues. You could also bring in canned goods to donate.


There were three events – a 5k, a 2.2 mile walk and a kids fun run. The 5k started by baseball fields. The start of the race was tricky. You had to run across the baseball field – in snow, until you got to Lehigh Valley Trail. I wasted time/energy trying to get through that snow and not twist my ankle. Once you got on the trail, it was a little better, but definitely slick, snow covered and icy. I’ve run on this trail before in Henrietta/Pittsford, but have never been on this part of the path.  There were no mile markers. After running for a bit (at least a mile I think?) you headed back onto the roads around the town of Mendon. It was much better at that point – until it started to snow hard at the very end. The final part was downhill, heading back into the church parking lot. I really couldn’t see well at all by then, but just ran as fast as I could to the finish.


They had water bottles at the finish and you could head back inside for apples, granola bars and coffee. They also texted you your results immediately after the race finished. I saw a lot of people in fun hats and costumes, but I didn’t get many pictures. It was just too cold. My phone froze up at the end, so that was an issue as well.

I’ve lost a little more weight since my last race, and that definitely helped. I ran faster as well, although still slow. I feel good about how I did though, because the conditions were not ideal. My stats: 39:20. (12.41 min mile), 219 out of 346.


This race grows every year, and will probably continue to do so. They had around 350 people run this year for the 5k. I met my brother at the finish line. He lives just up the road. I was grateful he came out in this weather to be a spectator!

If you are looking for a smaller race on Thanksgiving, give this turkey trot a try! My next race is an Ugly Sweater Run. Hoping for warmer weather. 🙂

Until next time, see you on the roads!

Time: 9:00 a.m.
Weather: 12 degrees, wind chill even lower. Sun and clouds.
Location: StudioMove, Mendon, NY
Course: Lehigh Valley Trail and county roads through the Hamlet of Mendon.
Results:  2018 Mendon Turkey Trot
Amenities: Bathrooms inside, ample parking
Waterstops: one
More Info:  Facebook Page

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Race Review: Migration Run 5k, Seneca Falls, NY 10/6/18


It’s hard for me to believe, but it’s been almost a year since I’ve blogged about a race! While I’ve continued with my running, I hadn’t run an official race since last Thanksgiving (yikes!). Why? Well, I had put on weight and didn’t want to spend the money on race fees. I’ve lost some weight since July, so I decided to get back in the game and give this race a try.

The Migration Run 5k and 10k benefits Wounded Warriors In Action, a not for profit “that serves our nation’s combat-wounded Purple Heart recipients.” The race took place at Seneca Meadows Wetlands Preserve, a scenic area with trails and abundant migrating bird sightings.

IMG_8455 2

Unlike many races, this one was an afternoon event, starting at 3 p.m.  Seneca Falls is about 50 minutes from my house. The race location was easy to find. Parking was on straw/natural debris that had been flattened down. When I got there, I was concerned the race would be on that same type of surface, as it was very unstable and easy to trip over. Thankfully, the course was on actual trails.


I went up to the table and got my bib and t-shirt (very nice and soft – it had an owl and the race logo on it). I then walked around, checked out the signs describing the wetlands and met my friend Robin. I went to high school with Robin, and now she has become a very avid runner. It was great to see her! She planned to do her first 10k.

It has been an unusually warm fall, and temperatures were in the mid 70s. The 5k started at a different area than the 10k. Before both races, they held up the American flag and played the National Anthem. At a little after 3 p.m., we were off! We had to run through a very muddy and puddle filled parking lot type area to get to the trail.  It had rained quite a bit the previous few days, so I figured the course would be wet, and I was right.

The trail started off fine, but you quickly encountered muddy puddles. At first, I was able to go around them, but eventually you had no other choice but to run right through the puddles. My shoes were soaked and my legs muddy by the time the race ended. There were mile markers and one water stop. The 10k folks veered off at one point to do another lap.


The views of the wetlands as you ran were very pretty. After what seemed like forever (it always does to me), I headed into the finish. This was not a chip timed race. Someone manually took down your time. I’m still quite heavy, so that definitely impacted my running. I ran my slowest 5k ever (42:15, 13.35 min pace), which was disappointing, but it gives me a lot of room to improve.


Everyone who ran the race got a medal, and bottled water was available as well. The awards for age groups were cool glass trophies. The after race party was offsite, and included music, discounts on food truck pizza and beer. I didn’t attend that, although it sounded nice. I wish they had a food truck onsite.

Overall, I found this to be an organized, interesting, low key race. I prefer races a bit bigger, so I wish more people signed up for it. They had less than 100 participants. I like to attend races where you see all ages, weights and speeds. Hopefully, by next year, the word will spread about this race and they will have a bigger crowd!

My next race will be an Ugly Sweater 5k Run in Honeoye Falls. I’m hoping I will have lost more weight by that time, so I can improve my speed. And, of course, I can’t wait to create and wear an ugly Christmas sweater. Sometimes, these gimmicks are the only thing that get me through. 🙂


Until next time, see you on the roads!

Time: 3:00 P.M.
Weather: 70s, sun/clouds, breezy
Location: Seneca Meadows Wetlands Preserve
Course: Mostly flat, trail course, gravel with numerous puddles/muddy areas due to weather
Results:  Race Results
One porta potty, ample parking on straw/grass
Waterstops: one 
More Info:  Facebook Page


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Race Review: Feast of Burden 5 Mile, Rochester, NY, 11/23/17

turkeyI’ve run quite a few Turkey Day races over the years. This Thanksgiving event was an inaugural race, held in downtown Rochester. I decided to do this race because I liked the fact that it was a low key event. I know many people opt for the huge turkey day trots, but that is way too many people for me.

The race started at 9:00 a.m. from the Blue Cross Arena. I picked up my bib and t-shirt the night before. The t-shirt was very soft and cute, but in junior sizing, so it definitely ran small.

I got to the venue pretty early. You could wait inside, use the restrooms and just relax until race time. Around ten minutes before 9:00, we headed to the starting area. The course was the same one as the Johnny’s 5 mile St. Patrick’s Day race I started my running race season with this year. Temperatures were 13 degrees and frigid that day. On this race day, it was still cold – around 30 degrees. There was no fanfare or announcements before we started. I also did not notice a lot of people dressed in turkey attire. I saw a few headbands, but that was about it. I wore special turkey socks.

I’ve gained weight this year, and it has definitely set me back. I also came down with a nasty cold, so I really wasn’t feeling well at all. I went to urgent care the day before, and they said it was safe to run, as long as I take it easy.


The course started off on the city streets and then headed up and across the Ford Street bridge until taking a turn towards the University of Rochester campus. You then run a bit and go up a slight incline by a water stop (the halfway point) before heading back.  They had mile markers for each mile. I was doing ok for the most part, even though I felt like I was wheezing due to being sick. I was definitely in the very back of the pack. And, unlike other races, where you see all shapes and sizes, I really did not see any heavier people at all (other than myself).  Mile 3 to 4 seemed to go on FOREVER, but I finally saw the end in sight, and headed towards the finish. Five miles is a long way to run, especially when you aren’t feeling well. At that point, I really wish the race had been a 5k instead. I never stopped though. I was so slow though, that, by the time I headed inside, they were already handing out awards.


I finished in a time of 1:02, a 12:31 minute mile. There were only a dozen or so people behind me. A little under 300 people ran the race. While my pace was certainly slow, it definitely shows serious runners signed up for this one. At a typical race, you have many people who run 13, 14 and even 15 min miles or walk. I only saw one walker. So, that was a little discouraging.

As for post race treats, they had mini water bottles, mini muffins, apples and small bagels to snack on. Winners received homemade pies!

Overall, this was a nice event. It was easy to find a place to park, the course was decent, the t-shirt was cute and being able to use restrooms inside was a nice plus. I would like to see more recreational (slower) runners sign up.  That being said, it’s my own fault for gaining so much weight and backtracking on all my progress. I should be running less than 10 minute miles. I still run 4-5x a week, despite my added weight. Even though I’ve had setbacks this year (all my own fault), I’m proud that I continue to work out. Even though I am overweight, I do not consider myself completely out of shape at all – as I have decent cardio capacity, a low resting heart rate and good vitals. I have to keep these facts in mind when I beat myself up or get too discouraged.

This race was my 6th of the year and 85th overall since I’ve started running (!!). It concludes my 2017 running season. I’ve earned enough points to earn my bronze plaque from the US Track & Field Association (#woot #woot). I’m still running outside at lunch and on weekends, but I know that will end soon due to weather. I won’t lie  – I’m DREADING the return to the gym and the treadmill (aka dreadmill).

While there are some interesting races out there in December, I won’t be participating. Best of luck to those of you who will be. I’m going to be clamping down on finances next year, so I doubt I will do many races, if any (other than the Corporate Challenge).

Until next time, see you on the roads!

Time: 9:00 AM
Weather: 30s, sun/clouds, not windy
Location: Blue Cross Arena (start), through U of R campus and back
Course: Mostly flat, two small incline areas
Results:  Race Results
Real restrooms inside arena, post race snacks, street or garage parking 
Waterstops: one 
More Info:  Race page
Press: (Video)

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Race Review: Rylie J’s Boo & Brew 5k, 10/28/17, Geneva, NY

IMG_0926Halloween themed races are particularly fun, because you can dress up and run in costume. I’ve run various Halloween races over the years. This was my first time trying the “Boo & Brew” in Geneva, NY. The brew in the title comes from the fact that you get a free beer after the race at Rylie J’s, the pub that serves as the host of the race. The event itself benefits Camp Onseyawa, a Rotary camp for children with disabilities.

This race is an afternoon event, so I didn’t have to rush to get there. I left my house around 12:30 and made the 50 minute drive to Geneva, a picturesque town along Seneca Lake, one of the Finger Lakes.

I parked, picked up my bib and t-shirt (available for the first 300 runners) and walked around a bit. The atmosphere was festive with live music, raffles and a photo booth.


I decided that this year I was going to be a rock lobster for Halloween. I stumbled upon a felt lobster cap at a store for $1 and built my costume around that. I found lobster shorts and turned them into a skirt. I then sewed a guitar patch onto my t-shirt, braided my hair with red extensions and completed the ensemble with lobster socks. The key to running in costume is to find something that is conducive to running. I saw so many creative costumes – people are very impressive with what they come up with.

Race temperatures were in the lower 60s with rain on the way. I’ll take those temperatures over the 88 degree, humid weather I ran in at last month’s 5k. Sadly though, although I’ve been running consistently,  my weight is still way up. For that reason, I knew this race would be a challenge. I can run the distance no problem, but speed-wise I’m at a jog. I also woke up with a persistent headache, but I can’t use that as an excuse for my slow performance.


Approximately 400 runners and walkers of all ages (and in all sorts of fun costumes) gathered by the start a little before 3. Prior to that, at 2, there was a Halloween parade with bands and families in costume. I really enjoyed seeing that – gotta love small towns!

The race started in front of the bar and was uphill through the business district. I don’t love uphills at all – but better to have them in the beginning than at the end of the race. Once you got up the hill, you turned the corner, ran down the street and then onto a gravel path, under a bridge and then by the lakefront. Running alongside Seneca lake was very scenic and there was a nice breeze. I wish I had photos of that, but I don’t. I got into my pace and just kept going. They didn’t have any mile markers, which I like, but it was fine. There was one water stop – I’m assuming it was at the midway point. I was grateful for that, as I didn’t bring my water bottle. I should have, as I really felt parched and somewhat dehydrated.

As we were running by the lake, the faster runners could be seen in the distance, already headed back. Finally, I rounded the corner and was headed back as well. I tried to step it up at the end, but my weight really is slowing me down. I never stopped though – I haven’t stopped during a race in my 84 races I’ve done, and I’m certainly not about to now, no matter what I weigh. In the interest of true disclosure – my time was 37:50, a 12:12 min mile. Sigh… 😦

At the finish line, they had water, apples, pizza, bananas, bagels and granola bars. There was also a food truck. People then headed inside for drinks and for the prize announcements. The top three winners got cash prizes and age group winners got nice medals. They then announced the winners of the raffles. I bought 3 tickets, but did not win. They had some really nice items – ranging from wine to gift certificates to a framed print. By this point, the rain had started outside and I decided to head home.

Overall, this was a nice race, with a decent course. It was easy to get to and park, and the atmosphere was fun – especially with all the creative costumes and the parade beforehand.

Time: 3:00 PM
Weather: Cloudy, mid 60s
Course: Certified. One small hill at the start, half on the road, half on a lake path
Location: Rylie J’s Pub, 38 Seneca Street, Geneva, NY
Results:  Will update when they are onlineI think they will be here: http://ryliejsbooandbrew5k.com/results/
real bathrooms inside the bar, Parking in a public lot just up the street
Waterstops: one
More Info:  Webpage
Facebook: Event page

My final race for the year will be a new, 5 mile race in Rochester on Thanksgiving morning.  I recently wrote two articles about upcoming Thanksgiving Day races in Rochester and Central, NY. I’ll write another  blog post later including the links to those articles for anyone interested.

Thank you very much for reading my post!

Until next time, see you on the roads…





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Race Review: The Run For Sponge 5k, 9/23/17


Fall running season is here! Usually, in upstate New York, that means cool, crisp weather. However, we’ve had a wacky weather Summer followed by a Fall heat wave. What this meant was that race day temperatures hovered in the upper 80s! I would rather run in the cold (even with my Raynauds issue) than the heat any day. However, once I pay for a race, I’m all in. So, with that mindset, I headed the hour and ten minutes away to North Tonawanda, New York (past Buffalo, near Niagara Falls) for this race.


This race was part of a three day Sponge Candy Festival. I love all candy, but did not realize what a big deal this candy is around here. Sponge Candy comes in all flavors – dark chocolate, milk chocolate – even peanut butter. This event was meant to celebrate that and, more importantly, raise money for Hurricane Harvey relief efforts.

The race started at 4:30 pm. I arrived at 3 pm. The candy shop was located in the Wurlitzer Building, a famous building from the 1900s that used to be an organ factory. The candy shop included an ice cream area where you could also buy baked goods and other food. The candy shop was extensive with all sorts of goodies. Everything was decorated for fall, and it was all adorable. You could even see inside where they make the candy. They were generous with the samples – candy, flavored popcorn and special deals on candy apples.



I headed inside and got my bib. With your race entry, you got a raffle ticket to enter a raffle for a gift basket. Sadly, I did not win that. You could also buy tickets for other baskets being raffled off. They were all very nice – and included everything from gift certificates to wine to Sabres tickets and much more. It was extremely hot outside, so I hung out inside as long as I could. Outside, they had different vendor tables set up, as well as tables where you could buy food- hot dogs, hamburgers – even chowder soup. It was too hot for me to get soup, although it smelled great (and was only $1).



Around 4:20, we started heading towards the starting area. The certified course was in neighborhoods – with quite a few turns and some sections on the road and a small part where you had to run on the sidewalk. At 4:30, the siren sounded and we were off! There was no national anthem or announcements prior to the race start.

IMG_9761Before the race, I somehow lost my headphones. I was hoping music would distract me, but that option was gone. I knew I would be slow due to the heat and my weight gain. My main goal – as always – was to do the best I could – and never stop on the course. Thankfully, there were shady spots along the course. I just kept telling myself to run to the shade. Many people did the walk run strategy. I never did that – I just kept my pace. They did not have anyone calling out mile times – bummer. I like when they have signs letting you know where you are. There were people on the course with sprinklers and hoses, but I was too afraid of getting my phone wet to run through.



I won’t lie – this was a challenging race. It’s hard enough to run when you’re overweight, let alone when it’s 88 degrees out. The race seemed to last forever, especially the last mile. They had people along the course and one water stop – which I believe was around mile 2. I usually try to step it up that last mile, but I really could only muster up stepping it up the last 1/4 mile heading to the finish. I ended up finishing in 35:40 (134 out of 252 people, 9 out of 17 in my age group, 89/182 gender group) – a 11:30 min pace – ugh. But, it was hot and I’m heavy, so I can’t really expect much more. And actually, I’m cool with that number. It could have been way worse.



After the race, you got a bag of sponge candy. I also sampled some of the flavors – so yummy! They also had bananas, apples, yogurt, protein bars and even a veggie tray. You also got a tshirt with race registration. I hung around for the awards ceremony and raffle drawings. After that, I headed out.



This slideshow requires JavaScript.



This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Overall, this was a nice race. The setting is great – the shop is fun, the festival is clever and I love the theme. The course is decent – I like that it was flat. I would love if they added mile markers. There were also a few times that cars came a bit too close for comfort, but I know that can be hard to control.


Pre and post race activities and amenities were good. They had porta potties outside and one real bathroom inside. Parking was easy and ample – right on site. Hopefully, next year won’t be as warm. I’m guessing some people dropped out due to the extreme conditions. A bug kudos to everyone who completed this. Even if you were a thin, fast runner, this type of weather is still a challenge to run in.

My next race will be a Halloween themed one. I just thought of my costume idea today (not to be revealed yet lol). Here’s hoping for more seasonable weather! Until then, see you on the roads!

Time: 4:30 PM
Weather: Sunny, upper 80s, not windy
Location: Platter’s Chocolates
Wurlitzer Building
908 Niagara Falls Blvd
North Tonawanda, NY 14120
Results:  It’s Your Race
Parking (ample, on site), Multiple porta potties 
Waterstops: one 
More Info:  Webpage
Facebook: Event page
Press/Photos: Buffalo News Slideshow


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