2011 in Review

Now that we are halfway thru January (hooray – one step closer to Spring!), I wanted to document my races from last year. It’s interesting to see how I did from month to month. Obviously, each race is different. Some courses are flat, some have hilly parts and the weather can be a major factor. So, just like apples to oranges, you can’t really compare races to each other, but it does give you an overall idea of how you do when you look at them together. At the very least, I am pretty consistent. My primary goal in every race is to finish without stopping during the race. I have been able to meet that goal so far.

I remember each race vividly. I weighed 155-160+ at every race last year. That is a heavy weight for a 5 foot 1 person to run at. In 2010, I went from weighing in the 160s to weighing in the 130s and it was much, much easier to run. Anyway, this post is mainly a way for me to compile and look back.

My second half marathon (October 2011) 🙂

Some memories that stand out:

  • My slowest race (in Feb) was very difficult  – extremely cold and slippery – 2 laps around the Buffalo conservatory. Frigid! Legs were sore for days after due to running and trying to not fall.
  • I ran a race on my birthday (in March). I traveled 2 hours away for that one, all by my lonesome.
  • I won 3rd in my age group for a very slow race time – over 30 minutes – at the Parkinson 5k in April. The only reason why such a slow time was a winning time was because it was soooo windy that day. I did not even know I had won a medal til later.
  • My fastest race appeared to be when I ran a race at a balloon fest in NJ. However, that course was not certified and my GPS showed a shorter than 5k route, so in all honesty, I can’t count that one.
  • My proudest 5k last year was probably the Hamlin Beach 5k. Every Summer race I ran was in humid conditions (even in May!), but this one was the worst. I did pretty well (for me). I felt bad for the half marathon folks that day.
  • I ran my second half marathon in October. Had to swallow my pride for that one as I was so much slower than my first half in 2010. But, the weather (drenching rain & cold the ENTIRE time) also played a factor, and at least I finished it. Still disappointed, but it does give me room to improve.
  • Insomnia is still a MAJOR issue. I’m not sure why I cannot sleep the night before a race, esp. the 5k races. I am only competing against myself. Tired of running when I am tired so I hope to work on this.
  • Unlike 2010, I did not run any races in December. I also traveled to lesser known, out of town races. I get bored and like to see new places and new faces. Enjoyed talking to runners in Syracuse, Buffalo, etc. If there is a unusual race within 3 hours, I will find it!
  • I primarily ran 5ks this year. I ran 23 races in 2010 (100 miles in races) so I definitely cut back. I also completed a half marathon training group with Medved and the Greater Rochester Track Club Spring clinic. Blogs about those adventures another time.
  • Overall, it was a very hard season. I did not enjoy running in these races due to my weight. That is something I still struggle to control and my increasingly slower times prove it.
    PS I tried to compile all my FB race albums and reviews below, but it did not work. So, I am just going to leave brief thoughts about each race.

    2 Races From 2011 (20+ degrees in Oct, 80 degrees in July)

February – Dash For The Dome 5k – Cold! Slow!
March – Schoolhouse 5k – My Birthday!
April – Parkinson Canal 5k – Windy! 3rd in my age group
May – Celebrate Commemorate 5k – Memorial Day 5k – muggy
June – Critical Care In the Air – 5k – warm, cool to see helicopter
July – 3 races: Sodus 5k – July 4th – beautiful scenery, HOT out
Hamlin 5k – 44th race, age 44! HUMID
Running w/the balloons 5k – first out of state race (NJ)! Warm
August – Turningstone 5k (at Casino) Syracuse – muggy again!
September – Oak Tree 5k Geneseo – yes, muggy!
October – 3 races
Wineglass Half Marathon – My second half – slow, no sleep, BAD weather – cold & rain
Chowder Challenge 5k – crisp – getting cold!!
Making Tracks For Families – COLD – 20s, pre Halloween race
November – Turkey Trot 5k, last race of the year, cold!

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