It’s Done! Say Hello To My Running T Shirts Quilt

Finished quilt!

I tried to think of some clever title and intro to this post, but in this case, a picture speaks a thousand words. As avid runners know, you quickly amass tshirts if you participate in road races. Some are cool, some are ugly. After awhile, they just start to pile up. I did not want to toss them and donating seemed to be a bad option too. After all, I worked hard for each and every one of my race t shirts – a little respect please!

So, when I saw my talented friend Erin try her hand at quilting, I decided to ask her to make some of my tshirts into a quilt. Sure, there are companies I could send my shirts to that would do the same thing, but by recruiting Erin, I knew my shirt would be made with love. And, it was! I was THRILLED with the final result. It’s even better looking in person – vibrant, soft, colorful and festive, exactly what I envisioned. A big shout out to Erin! She is a busy lady, yet made the time to make this quilt for me. Now, to give myself some credit, I did run the races and pick out the red, green and multi-colored polka dot fabric for the quilt. However, while I do have the patience to train and run, I do not have the patience (or talent and interest) for sewing. Erin does, and she is a runner too!

Of course, since this quilt was finished, I have collected even more shirts. I am closing in on my 53rd race. Not sure what I will do with the next batch of shirts. Each shirt/race holds a special memory. I love the odd/unusual race t-shirt best – the weirder the race name is, the more I like it. I also prefer the wicking shirts to the “cotton is rotten” shirts. Hint to new runners: running in a cotton t shirt is a big no-no, esp in warm weather – it traps moisture so you get warm faster and it’s heavy. No thank you!

If you’re curious to see the progress of the quilt from beginning to end, you can follow it from this blog post. At the end of it, there are links to every post she made about it along the way. Erin is a photographer, so her photos are beautiful. You’ll also find lots of cooking shots, crafts and images from her travels in her blog, Mistakes & Malarkey. Just don’t forget to come back and visit my blog when you’re done. :)Also, if you want to see my album with pics of (and comments about) many of the individual tshirts before they were cut up, you can see those here.

Quilt photos courtesy of Amanda Bellucco Photography

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