Cheers for Chichester! Local Upstate NY Runner Places 11th in Boston Marathon

Just a short little post today, the day of the Boston Marathon. Hot, brutal conditions for those folks – 80s – yikes! I was impressed to hear that Tim Chichester, in his second marathon ever, came in 11th overall. Wow. He did not start up front with the elites, but look where he ended up! According to the Livingston County news, he placed “in a time of 2:21.10, the second best finish by an American-born runner and 11th overall.” That is a 5 minute 23 second per mile pace. Can you imagine?

I remember running the Oak Tree 5k in Geneseo this past fall. There was a half marathon that same day- and guess who won – that’s right, Tim Chichester. That was also a hot/humid day. I took a photo of him as he ran to the finish. Normally, I do not take pics of runners I do not know, but I knew this was something special. This is what I posted next to the pic of him in my FB album (before I started this blog, I posted all my race pic memories on FB): “Winner of the half marathon – 1 hr, 9 minutes – that is crazy!! Shattered the course record by more than 3 minutes. The half marathon people started 15 min ahead of the 5k race and he led by a big gap from the beginning (and their course is very hilly).” It was an impressive site to see, I remember it vividly. His pace per mile that day? 5:17 min per mile.

Photo I took of Tim Chichester at the Oak Tree Half Marathon in Geneseo, NY, Sept. 2011.

Congrats to a very impressive runner. Oh, and running runs in the family too – his sister placed 89th among the women in Boston.

PS As for me, I have not run in over a week. Will find out Wed if I have a cervical herniated disc and need surgery. I have been in a lot of pain, esp in my right arm. I’m just hoping for the best. Fingers crossed!

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