Just Clowning Around 5k


Yes, I know some people find clowns creepy. Honestly, I do too. But, this was a race for a great cause – Camp Good Days & Special Times (more about them later). I went to this race solo. The few people I asked to go with me (who will remain nameless – you know who you are!) were scared of the whole clown thing. I won’t lie -there were clowns, clown costumes and face painting in abundance. You also got a clown wig for being among the first 250 to register. I am all about the amenities, so I was all for it.

This was the first year for this race and I think they can be pleased.  300 people signed up. It was a hot day. The course started at the Mendon Fire Hall in Mendon, NY. There is a bridge out around there, so that was a little confusing with detours, but I arrived early and there was plenty of parking.

The route map. You can click on it to see it bigger and in more detail.

Quite a few people opted for wearing the colorful clown wigs. Like I said, it was hot, so I knew I was not going to wear mine during the run, but of course would wear it after for a photo op. This was my first 5k since February! For those of you keeping track, I had a bad neck/arm injury (cervical herniated disc) this past Spring and I am still recovering. I have also put on a lot of weight. There is no reason to hide that fact, as you can see it in the pics. It has made running VERY difficult. I used to be able to finish most 5ks in under 30 minutes. My time has slowed significantly, but I am still out there.

My time. This is a 11.23 min mile pace. Not good. Used to run races in less than 30 minutes…

Ok, back to the race. We started around 8:30. They said the course was all flat. I would say “mostly” flat, as there were a few small inclines. It was quite warm, and I wish I had worn sunglasses. A big thank you to the people on their front lawns with hoses spraying us down. There was one water stop at mile 2. The course went thru Mendon onto the Lehigh Valley trail. I run on this trail near my home, so I was glad to run on a different section of it. The course then went thru a nice neighborhood and back out towards the fire hall. There was quite a bit of traffic, even tho it was early in the morning on a Saturday.  This made me a little nervous. Drivers seemed impatient. There was also a part in the beginning of the course (which was certified btw) that was narrow due to a detour and the bridge being out. Overall, I liked the course and race. Of course, being so heavy, I did want to die during it. I cursed myself for not being home and in bed, instead of huffing & puffing my girth in the heat (all my own fault I am in this predicament mind you). Granted, I feel that way most races. The heavier you are, the harder it is.  However, I was running this race as a training run anyway . I started out at a ten and a half minute mile pace and then slowed down. I have been running 12-13 minute miles (ugh), so I was fine with that. Race results can be found HERE.

After the race, they had lots of food – pizza, wraps, bananas, hot dogs, energy drinks, Pirates Booty snacks (yummy – only 65 cal a bag!) and even a Tim Hortons truck with free cappuccinos. I don’t drink iced coffees, but that seemed really popular. There was a long line for that. They held a brief awards ceremony and then that was it, race over!

This race was a nice, low key way to start the day. Besides the wig, you also got a cotton t-shirt for entering and a green bag. I would recommend this race for families too, since they had face painting. During the beginning of the race, I saw a little girl walk/running who had no hair – most likely due to chemo treatments. Seeing that really puts it all into perspective. Camp Good Days and Special Times has been a Rochester fixture for over 30 years. They provide camping experiences and year-round events and activities for children and families touched by cancer. It was founded by Gary Mervis who lost his daughter Teddi to the disease. I went to high school with one of his other daughters, so I knew this was a race I wanted to do.

As always, thanks for reading! I hope everyone’s summer is going well. It has been a hot one for running. I have started to get back into it, despite the weight and my poor food choices. This was my 5th race of the year. I have a few coming up and I feel the heat will definitely play a role. I will also have a CONTEST coming up where you can win FREE STUFF, so stay tuned! 🙂

Race Recap:
Pros: great cause, loved the clown wigs! Nice turnout. Easy to get to, good parking. Nice course, good food spread after.
Cons: Detour made it a little confusing (not their fault I know).
My stats: 35:16,  11:23 min mile pace. 203 out of 300 people, 77 out of 126 women in the 18-49 age range (weird age category – normally they are in 5 or 10 year increments)
Keep on running!

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One Response to Just Clowning Around 5k

  1. Crossroad the clown says:

    Thank you for your support of camp goodays. I was there, the loud clown with orange hair. As a matter of fact, I have been with camp since the beginning, of you look close you will see me when ever you see camp goodays, I am their logo!
    Congrats on your run ! My wife is going to run next year, her challenge this year is to drop weight and get healthy. She is taking the body by vi 90 day challenge. If you are interested in the challenge send her an email!

    Thanks again for running for kids!

    (frank Towner)

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