World Famous Pig Run 5k, Columbus, Ohio

Do I sometimes run races just to get the shirt? Yes, yes I do! I was planning a trip to Columbus, Ohio and googled things to see and do, and up popped this pig run. The shirt had a pig with a running bib on him. Even tho I am looking like a plump piglet myself, I knew I MUST HAVE THAT SHIRT. So, I added the race to my travel itinerary. The  good thing (for me) about adding a race to a trip, is that it forces me to stay on track with my food (at least until the race is over). So, off my running friend Kristine and I went to Columbus. I’ll spare you the other tourist stuff and just stick to the race.

This race is held near the Jazz & Ribfest (hence the pig connection) in downtown Columbus, Ohio. They did not hold the race last year, but it has been held in previous years. The course is on a bike trail by the Scioto River. I liked the sense of humor in the flyer: “Attention pigs, sows, piglettes, barrows, and oinkers. Come join us for a 3.1 mile run/walk on Friday, July 20th beginning at 7 pm. It’s a great way to start the Jazz and RibFest weekend and a ton of fun. All pigs receive a high quality butt-ugly technical t-shirt that we actually had custom made just for this 5K. Guaranteed ugly….. EAS nutrition product, race number, finish line food and beverage.” What more could I ask for?

I LOVE this shirt

Now, let’s keep in mind that I just did a 5k the night before in Canandaigua, NY. Kiwi was tired! I know that is an excuse, but even good runners will tell you that back to back 5ks can be a challenge. Granted, I was not planning to go fast. This was another night race. It started at 7 pm. In years past, they had almost 800 people do this race. This year, it ended up being 147 people. I think that was because it was not as close (walking distance) to the rib fest as it used to be. I’m also guessing most people were doing the Color Run the next morning & not up to doing 2 races so close together. More about that race later.

The course was an up and back on the bike trail. It was not all flat. Not super hilly, but there were a few incline areas. I’ll admit it – I was feeling tired from the night before. I knew that I would be one of the slowest (esp/ with such a small number of participants), and I was. Humble meet pie. Only 20 people came in behind me. There were some really cool views of the river on the route on the way back, but I normally do not run with my camera, so I don’t have any pics of that. I did not wear my GPS watch either, which was sort of strange, since I had no idea of my pace. As everyone pretty much passed me, I knew I was slow. That is the weight making its impact once again. Needless to say, I was glad when the race was done. The ending was an uphill part, always fun (not). My friend Kris came in way ahead of me, of course. We both beat our times from the previous evening’s 5k, so that was kind of surprising but welcome news.

At the end of the race, you got a bright pink neon water bottle with the pig logo on it. I will cherish that of course. I wish I had taken a pic of the winners trophies. They had golden pigs on them! Post race, they had fruit, some cookies, granola bars, etc. It was a small, low frills 5k. If you wanted a low-key race, this would be it. We did not stick around too long, as we wanted to get back to the hotel to get ready for our race in the morning. My legs were definitely feeling it. Columbus seems like a safe, friendly city. There were fountains near the race, and bathrooms close by. All and all, a decent event.

Pros: The technical t shirt – duh! Main reason I did the race. Getting the neon water bottle that matched was a nice bonus. Nice scenic course along the river.
Cons: Price – race was $44- not cheap compared to upstate NY races. Stats: 37:21 (12:03 min mile), 127/147. Results can be found here.

I have one more race report blog to come this month. It’s a non-competitive theme race that was quite the experience. It was the main reason we went to Columbus.  Running 3 5ks in 3 days at this weight and on very little (or no) sleep was a challenge.

Stay tuned and stay cool out there!

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