Creating More Color – The Color Vibe, Rochester, NY

** Update – Video from the April 20th Color Vibe (from a story on WHEC TV 10 news).  Also found this – cool video shot from a participant as he is running. Nice coverage from WHAM 13 too.

Back in July, I participated in The Color Run in Columbus, Ohio. This was a 5k where you get doused in colored cornstarch at each 5k point. This 5k was the same thing, except on a much smaller scale. That race had 12,000 runners, running in waves. This time, 1700 people signed up, also running in waves. I did not see a lot of advertising for this race, so I am actually surprised they got the numbers they did. I have not run a race since July – when I did 3 in 3 days. I did run 10 miles last Saturday, which was a huge coup for me – esp since I am so heavy and it was such a hot day.

My eating has still been bad, and I have been struggling a lot. So, it was a good thing this was an un-timed, just-for-fun race. I picked up my t-shirt, bib and sunglasses (to protect your eyes from the color) the night before. The shirt was not white, which was kind of surprising, but I was planning on wearing a white tank top anyway. I also went inside the running store and bought a bandana to cover my mouth during the run. Outside, where pick-up was, their computers were down, so I did not even have to give them my name. They just handed me the shirt. Good thing I am not a scam artist! This was not a cheap race either – $40 I believe.

The course was around the MCC campus, the same route as the Girls on the Run 5k this past June. My coworker was there with her daughter (both spectators) and hubby (runner). Just like the other race, you ran to a “k” point and color was thrown on you. This was a much smaller, more low key race. I have no idea of my pace. I was slow and just plodded along. The other race, since it was downtown in the city of Columbus, was much more scenic, with tall buildings to look at. It was louder and more festive too. I’m not saying this one was not good, it was just quieter. I did end up with a Color Vibe Frisbee and beach ball, so I was glad about that (it’s the little things). I’m still disappointed with myself for my weight gain and being so slow. I have let stress get to me. But anyway, I finished the race, found my friends Julie, Adam & Jade and we participated in throwing colors in the air. You could also get your pic taken (before and after). From there, it was time to head home and shower. There was no food post race, although there was free vitamin water. The water stop was at the halfway point I think. I carried my own.

All and all, this labor day weekend 5k was a nice race to close out the unofficial end of Summer.  It has been a hot season. I am looking forward to cooler running weather (as long as my Raynauds stays in check). I have one more race coming up this month and then I’ll decide which races I’ll do to end 2012. I also have a post coming out about a race I am coordinating at my job – a 3k for National Run At Work Day. I’ve been working on it for months and am a bit nervous as to how it will turn out. If you want more info on the Color Vibe, check out their FB page or web page. Some of my pics came out better at this race than at the other one in Ohio, so I’ll just add them at the end. Enjoy! Stay colorful and Happy Labor Day!

Yellow color zone

Pros: liked that they took pics and access to them is free. Easy to get to and park – very close to my house. I liked the tshirt- although you would think it would be white since you were supposed to wear white.

No packets of color – instead you just grabbed it with your hands and threw it in the air. Weeeeee!

Cons: Price is a little high. They were a little skimpy on the color at the throwing stations. I did not sense as much love and enthusiasm at this race as at the other one. They had a high tower with a DJ type person at the Ohio race throwing stuff into the crowd and getting people psyched for the race.

Purple Color Zone

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2 Responses to Creating More Color – The Color Vibe, Rochester, NY

  1. I loved this race!!! Did you see that they are trying to secure a Scraton location?

  2. runkiwirun13 says:

    That would be fun too! 2 in one Summer is enough for me now though… 🙂

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