Halloween Run 5k, Fayetteville, NY

The t shirt – I wonder if the skeleton glows?

I was going to subtitle this – I’m back (and slower than ever!) 🙂 If you have been following my blog, you know that I have been out of commission with a broken toe. The toe started to feel a lot better last Thursday (4 weeks since the injury), so I decided to do a trial run Friday. I did not wear a watch, but probably ran a little over 2 miles. It was difficult! Since the marathon relay in September, I have lost a lot of cardio capacity and put on a lot of weight. Even so, I really want my running patch and plaque, so I decided to give this race a try.

This is the 20th year of the Halloween Run. This race is put on by the Syracuse Track Club. It was the first year at this location, Green Lakes State Park. What a beautiful park! Leaves were past peak, but I can imagine how spectacular they must have been a few weeks ago. I wanted to see this park because I read that the lakes here are fairly rare “meromictic” lakes, which means that there is no seasonal mixing of surface and bottom waters. “Since the sediment is not kicked up, the lake does not take on a muddy appearance. Meromictic lakes have still, mirror-like waters. Green Lake is no exception as its tranquil, reflective water makes for great photography.” Thank you Google! Sadly, my photos do not show how truly beautiful the lake is. Also, weather was gloomy, so take that into account.

Ok, onto the race. I left my house around 6:30 a.m. (yuck – way too early!). It was still dark out and raining on and off. It did not get light out til about 7:30. Hate that, a sign of things to come! It was pretty easy to find, although I did get lost at the end. I got to the park a little after 8:30. The park is past Syracuse. I went in and got my tshirt – love it – long sleeve with a running skeleton. Then, I waited around for the kid’s races to start. I like that they held those first. The kids were very cute, esp one little girl in a lion costume. They all got a bag of treats and to pick a prize at the end.

At 10 am, our race started. The race started in the parking lot, but then it was on the trails running around the lake. The weather was in the 40s and the rain/drizzle held off til the end. It was great running weather. I was so thankful that it was not colder and wet, because it would have been really slippery. The course was not all flat and you had to navigate over varied terrain, leaves, sticks, rocks, etc. There were incline parts but downhills too. Nothing major. Because I am so heavy and have not run in so long, it was a struggle. I was in the back of the pack by a long shot. They had mile markers at mile one and two and two water stops. On the right, you could see the lake. It was beautiful and I tried to take in the moment as I was huffing and puffing along.  Most people were ahead of me – only a dozen or so people came in after me. I knew I was slow when I ran past the mile two point and I could hear a race volunteer making plans to pick up the mile two sign! Discouraging, but I did not stop once. The final stretch was on the grass and then on a path.  After the race, you could get bagels (they were huge), yogurt and water underneath a tent. It started to rain at that point. I did hang around for the awards ceremony. The awards were awesome – they were shaped like a witch! As you can see here, my “costume” was kind of lame, just ponytails and a hat that looks like it has been bedazzled (I bought it like that).

I also enjoyed people’s costumes – a nun, lady bug, bumblee bee, Super Mario, 60s guy, 80’s girl, etc. 
Sadly, it rained the whole drive back – that misty, damp type weather & then just a steady downpour.

I’m glad I went to this race. I want to keep going and get back on track since I have fallen so far weight and fitness wise. I have 3 races left & one has to be a 5 mile. Not sure how I will do that. I guess as long as I keep plugging away, my time does not matter. My hamstring hurt after this race, yet another sign of the poor shape I have fallen into. I may be discouraged, but I will not give up. The weather can be a huge challenge for me with my Raynauds, but as long as I have hand warmers & gloves, I should be fine. I have 2 races planned for November and one for December. My toe was a little swollen, but really did not bother me. I struggled more with weight.

Details: trail race, not certified, chip timing Pros: Beautiful setting for a race! Well organized. Low key. Great t shirt. Cons: Driving weather & the travel time for me from Rochester. Race results are HERE. My stats: 167/178, 41:59 (this is the slowest I have ever run a 5k), 13:31 min pace, 16/17 females (40-49), 92/102 women

Until next time, see you on the roads. Oh, and Happy Halloween too! Scroll down for more photos. I don’t have any finish line photos since I was so slow and everyone was done before I could go back to my car and get my camera.

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