Marathon Madness – NYC Marathon A Go Or No?

** Update ** The backlash and criticism caused the marathon to be canceled. Below is my original post, written before that happened. **


I say no. I’m all about promoting the sport of running. I get that people have trained months, spent money, qualified to get in and are traveling from across the country and abroad. I also have read the stories about all the money the race pumps into the economy and heard the argument that it will show the strength of NYC and the recovery. However, people are still without power, water and the basics. Homes were devastated. People died. Running thru destroyed areas is not a triumph. Using generators so the press has power (even if they are from privately owned companies) just seems likea bad idea when so many are suffering. It’s just too soon and the damage is too great.

I don’t blame the runners. They just want to run. Personally, I would not run if I had signed up. Your training is not down the drain. You can still defer to next year. I understand the logistics it took to get there and the disappointment. From a safety standpoint (as a spectator or runner), I also would feel nervous, esp. knowing the wrath and controversy this has created. Running should be about spirit, sacrifice and accomplishment. There is a time and place for everything. A natural disaster is not that time. I could care less about the politics involved in all of it; I just think it is a bad idea all around. While I won’t be watching, I do wish safety for all the residents and visitors in and around NYC & NJ this weekend and beyond.

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