Happy Blog Birthday To Me!

I know, it’s been awhile. I have not run since Thanksgiving. Yikes! We’ve been hit with some cold, snowy weather (which I hate), so I do not regret it in the least. I still work out, but I have not run – not even on the treadmill (aka the dreadmill). This was a planned hiatus, so no need to panic.

Anyway, back to my blog birthday – I started my blog last December 27th, 2011. Over the course of the year, I wrote 32 posts. I have had almost 4,000 views on my blog and my busiest day garnered 105 views. It’s not earth shattering, but for a blog mainly meant as a running journal, I am very pleased!  It’s been an interesting ride. I enjoy writing race reviews and other running related posts.


2012 was a challenging year for running for me. I never even got below 30 minutes in a 5k – not good. But, I did run enough races to earn a bronze plaque from the US Track and Field Association. I now have one of each (Bronze, Silver & Gold). I LOVE that these plaques are based on number of races (the more races, the more points you earn – longer distance races earn more points). It gives us turtle runners a chance! You have to be over 40 years old to be eligible for this plaque. I’m 45. Some of the races I ran were not eligible, since they were too short or not officially timed. I also earned my 50 miles in races patch from the Greater Rochester Track Club, but I don’t get that til the end of January. I’ll do a recap of times & races at that time.

I ran some interesting races this year. The Veterans day race was great – loved the dog-tags, the Beat the Bear race was fun and the color races I did were unique and well worth it as well. I even got a chance to be race director for the Run At Work Day I coordinated. And, I am very proud of all the girls who completed the Girls on the Run 5k.  I was excited to get them press for their event. I also had a good time being a spectator at a few races, including the Mighty Mile taco race in Buffalo. I also got to experience a Hydrworx Pool Treadmill. Last but not least, I ran in my first marathon relay.

As for future running pursuits, I don’t plan to run outside again til March. My weight is just too high right now, and my Raynauds is acting up a lot. Honestly, I just have to lose weight and get my act together. I’ve been saying this for awhile… I’m sort of at a crossroads. Tough year- my mom passed away, I had that cervical herniated neck injury, semi paralyzed arm, a car accident (not my fault, but it really scared me) and I broke my toe. These are not excuses, as I was the one who handled each event poorly. But, they do explain some of my setbacks and slipping into unhealthy behavior.

I was planning a giveaway to celebrate my blog birthday, but I’m going to hold off on that for now. I am VERY appreciative of everyone who has read my blog to date. I felt privileged and honored that it was linked to on other sites (Facebook pages, newsletters, etc.). Time will tell what the new year will bring…

In the meantime, keep believing in the power of running and movement and have a happy new year. Best wishes in achieving whatever your goals are. THANK YOU for reading!!

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