My “Bronze” Race Patch :)

patchI finally received my patch for the races I ran last year. Hooray!! I will frame this with pride. The Greater Rochester Track Club awards these patches for running 50, 100 or 200 miles in races over the course of a year. Last year, I also received a “bronze” 50 miles patch, and in 2010 a “silver” 100 miles in races patch. I struggled with injury and weight gain last year, so honestly it was a miracle that I even received a patch. The patches are given out at a banquet. I have attended the banquet twice, but due to my weight gain, I was just too embarrassed to go. I am proud that I earned the patch, even though my times were very slow, and every race was a huge challenge. Sadly, you can see my times get slower and slower with each race, directly correlated to each pound I gained.

Brochure from my half marathon training class, Summer/Fall 2012

Brochure from my half marathon training class, Summer/Fall 2012

I am also proud I completed a half marathon training group with the YMCA of Pittsford during the Summer and Fall. I met nice people, ran in hot & humid conditions and completed 10 and 11 mile runs.


2012 Races (one typo – first race was Jan 1st, not Jan 12th)

As for 2013, I have not even run once this year. I have not run since Thanksgiving! I have been doing my elliptical, Jillian Michaels Shred and Empower Boxing Bootcamp. I started off the year very strong- giving up diet soda and eating very healthy for 22 days. I also worked out every day.  I slipped a bit and had a BAD week, once again stress eating. I’m trying to get back on track once again. This self sabotage sets me back & needs to stop.

My body responds well to exercise and eating healthy, but the pounds have been very slow to come off – only 6 so far. And with my latest transgressions, I bet those came back, as of course I gain quicker than I lose.  I am getting back arm strength though, a lot of which I lost due to a cervical hernieted disc and injured right arm. The two workout DVDs I do incorporate a lot of weight and arm strengthening exercises, so that has been good for me.  However, the frigid, dark and gloomy days and low temperatures – below 10 degrees – have not. My Rayanuds has been particularly bad- especially at night and when I get home from work. I do my best when I workout immediately after I walk in the door, but that can be a challenge when your hands are cramping and in pain. Spring can’t get here soon enough.

Technically, these were just secondhand flowers given to me from a work function, but they are colorful and celebratory so I will post them here!

Technically, these were flowers from a work function last week, but they are colorful and celebratory, so I am posting them here!

Hope everyone out there is surviving Winter, staying warm and keeping in good spirits. I hate to say that I do not even miss running at the moment. I feel guilty for that. But, running as a heavy person is just not fun. I did find a race I may do in May, so hopefully that will rekindle my spirit. Thank you for reading!

Framed patch!

Framed patch!

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One Response to My “Bronze” Race Patch :)

  1. Bob says:

    Don’t let a “bad” week get you down, Kyra. Stick with it – over the long haul you’ll get back to where you want to be. Thanks for posting your framed patch – SUPER!

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