Super Couch Potato 5k, Liverpool, NY

couch3It’s that time of year again – Superbowl Sunday! Can there be more to the day than that? I think so. Last year, I ran Mr Ed’s Superbowl Warmup 5k in Middleport, NY prior to the big game. This year, I was going to travel to Syracuse (Liverpool) for a different game day race. I have not run since Thanksgiving(!), so I wasn’t sure I would actually run or not, but I liked the theme of the race. Then, I found out that Liverpool had over a foot of snow Saturday and temperatures would be in the 20s. I used to be be able to (somewhat) handle that, but contemplating a 3-hour round trip drive and not wanting to pay rising gas prices/tolls, I changed my mind and wimped out. Excuses, excuses! Me bad. I have run in winter conditions many times before, but I was just not feeling it. That being said, I decided to profile the race and post RESULTS anyway, since I want to spread the word for future runners!

The route (up and back course)

The route (up and back course)

This is the third year of the race. Instead of a tshirt, the first 400 people got a hat featuring a potato sitting on a couch. I’m bummed that I did not get my hat. 😦  You have no idea! I love things like that- often they are my main motivation for doing a race! I was also drawn to this race since they were holding a raffle for a big screen TV and a recliner – both perfect for watching the big game. How cute is that!


The coveted hat (from a previous year’s race)

The race started and ended at the Cobble Stone Ale House. The course was mainly flat along Onondaga Lake. I have run part of this route before for a different 5k in 2012. Last year, they had over 450 people run the race. Start time was 11 am, which would have given me plenty of time to get there from Rochester, about an hour and a half away. It’s for the best I did not go though, since I have not run in over two months and was not even sure I could do it.

After the race, you could warm up in the Ale House and have food (soup I think) and beverages. I’m sure people were in good spirits, most likely due to the fact that the race was over and hours of TV watching and snacking were to follow. I wish I had more details to share, but I was not there. I will add any links I see online about this race. Feel free to comment if you were there. I would love to hear how it went, about the awards ceremony, who won the TV and chair, etc.

About the course: Certified with electronic timing
Pros: Clever concept for a race. Great idea to give away a TV and recliner. I REALLY wanted one of those hats.
Cons: Can’t say, since I obviously was not there. I would think the condition of the course could be an issue. Weather can be iffy – this is the Syracuse snow belt after all. Granted, many runners are pretty hardcore and used to this. In upstate NY you have to be!
Race results are here. FB page for the race is HERE.

Overall, I think this race would be a nice way to start the Superbowl Day. I would have been proud of myself had I run it. And even if I hadn’t, I think I would have liked the event. Disappointed with myself about that, but I just have to move on. My next blog post will be showing an item I had made with my race tshirts. Note, it’s not a quilt. I have one of those already! Oh, and if you’re looking for another theme race – Cupids Chase is next weekend. I ran that one last year – it was cold and slippery. Last but not least, there is still time to win a running visor here in my giveaway. Click, enter, win! 🙂

P.S. I don’t even watch the big game, but for the rest of you who do, I hope you enjoy it!

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  1. Boss Hog says:

    We’d love to have you come to Erie, PA and run the Jog ‘n Hog. Run 2 miles, eat 6 (or 3) pepperoni balls, run 2 miles back. June 15. Check us out at

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