My Running T Shirt Scarf

A lot of people know that you can turn those old running tshirts into a quilt. I have one- it’s wonderful. You can see it HERE. Since I still have more shirts I won’t wear, and I didn’t want 2 quilts, I decided to search for other old tshirt options. I stumbled upon a person on Etsy who makes scarves from old tshirts. What a great idea!

I sent her 5 shirts and this is what she created. I love it! I just know this scarf was made with love (and talent). And, she is a former runner! If you want a t shirt scarf, I highly recommend her. Now, I probably won’t wear this scarf out and about, but I will hang it up with pride. 🙂

5 t shirts, 1 scarf!

5 t shirts, 1 scarf!

Scarf details: I picked 4 race t- shirts from 2012 and one from 2010. This scarf represents these races: The Color Run, Columbus Ohio, The Color Vibe, Rochester, NY, Run for the Red Twilight 5k, Canadaigua, NY, Just Clowning Around 5k, Mendon, NY and the Turning Stone Races (I ran the 5k), Verona, NY. * Scroll down to see panels close up.

I think I may have a pillow of my tshirts made next. I have at least a dozen more race tshirts that I don’t wear. Sadly, I don’t have sewing skills, so I have to rely on the skill of others. I know you can also turn race bibs and shirts into bags and purses. Those tend to be quite pricey. I have also seen people make a wallpaper border out of race bibs. I have mine in a colorful scrapbook. The really special bibs – from my half marathons – are framed. What about you – what do you do with your old race tshirts and bibs?

P.S. There is still time to enter my contest to win a special running visor! I have 2 to give away, one pink and one blue. Click HERE for details. I’m extending the deadline to February 28th, 2013.

3 race t-shirts

3 race t-shirts

2 race t-shirts

2 race t-shirts

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3 Responses to My Running T Shirt Scarf

  1. Jill Medved says:

    I love the t-shirt scarf idea! I’d seen the quilts before, but the scarves are even nicer and can be seen by more people ;-). Thanks for sharing!

  2. jbmonco says:

    This is a cool idea. My idea was to photograph them and turn them into a poster like these: Then decided to start a business: to do this for others.

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