The Color Run vs The Color Vibe, Rochester, NY

2*** Update ***
Looking for pics and a review from The Color Run on 5-4-13? I posted those in my race review in this blog post: The Color Run, Rochester, NY.


Trying to decide between the 2 races? I have run both – I ran the Color Vibe in Rochester, NY this past September and the Color Run last July in Columbus, Ohio.

The premise of both untimed 5k races is the same – at each kilometer, you get doused in colored cornstarch. At the end, you can throw the powder in the air, at each other and basically just dance around to the music. Click the links to see the official pages.

The Color Run:

  • This race is more expensive, but you do get a bit more – a packet of color as opposed to just digging into canisters of color
  • It was more of a production and a lot more people. They had a high tower where people threw prizes and pumped the crowd up. I am guessing this race has a bigger budget.
  • The post race festival was better. They had a stage and dancing contests and threw more prizes out to the crowd.
  • After the race, they had people with leaf blowers to get rid of the excess color.
  • Date of this year’s race: May 4, 2013, downtown Rochester
  • Click HERE for my blog post about the Color Run I ran last year (in Ohio)

The Color Vibe:

  • Smaller scale race (at least when I attended it)
  • They had a before and after photo booth where you could get your picture taken and then log on after to see it. Pretty cool!
  • Date of this year’s race: April 20, 2013, Monroe Community College
  • Click HERE for my blog post with more details about last year’s race

I think both races will be fun. Parking might be more of an issue with The Color Run since it is downtown. It’s hard to predict how many people. I personally think it is more interesting to run downtown than around the MCC campus, but that is up to you. Either way, it’s a cool experience. These races are great to run, walk, walk/run – or just be a spectator. And, they are great for all ages. Oh, and to add to the fun, you could always do  The Color Me Rad race at Darien Lake on June 22nd!

Hopefully, this blog post helps you make a decision. And hey, more power to you if you decide to do both! My main advice – bring a bandana to cover your mouth and sunglasses for your eyes. That cornstarch gets everywhere! 🙂  ** Scroll down to see more pics **


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