Gearing Up Again & T Shirt Quilt #2


Post Run, first of the season!

It was an unusually warm (by Rochester winter weather standards) 50+ degrees this past weekend, so I decided to head outside. Keep in mind, I have not run outside since November, have gained a lot of weight and just started run/walking on the treadmill (aka “the dreadmill”). Nevertheless, I decided to give it a try. I ended up running 3.25 miles- not too bad. I was extremely slow and self conscious – way too embarrassed to say how slow. Now, I did stop 3x – 2 because of shoelace issues, and one to talk briefly to someone on the canal path. But, total stopping time was less than 2 minutes.

Herkimer Race Quilt

Photo Courtesy of Kent Quilts

Since I plan to run a 5k in May, I really have to get it together. At least the nights are brighter so I can run after work. Sadly, cold weather is back and I refuse to run outside ’til it warms up a bit. There is a 5 mile St Patty’s day race coming up, but I am in no way, shape or form ready for it. That’s ok – not into green beer anyway.

I will leave you with a photo of my brand new t shirt quilt! I know I showed you my very cool t shirt scarf last time. I also have an awesome t-shirt quilt representing 40 races I have done. This new quilt is smaller with just 9 t shirts. The great news about that is that it fits on my hallway wall so I can see it often.  It’s also the perfect size for a couch throw if I ever decide to use it that way. It was made by Kent Quilts, a talented quilt maker, south of Buffalo, NY. Check her site out. She ships for free too.

The races represented on this quilt were all from last year, except for one. I still have a few other race tshirts, but I may actually wear them. One of my goals this year is to get more organized and clear the clutter (mental and physical). Part of this was gaining control of all my tshirts. On a bigger level, it has been a challenging  journey healthwise- and some days, I am more successful than others. March has been a bit better with food/exercise,  but I really have a long way to go and need to recommit. The gloomy days and self doubt have definitely set me back. What about you? How are your food and fitness goals? Hopefully you are on a positive path.

My next blog post will be a race review of an untimed race. No other running related news, except I did recently pitch a story about Girls on the Run of Greater Rochester. Registration just started, and I envision a very successful season. I won’t be as involved as I was last year, but I will still volunteer my time when I can. I’ll link to the article when it comes out. Hopefully, they can use the photos I submitted from last season to go along with it. Until next time – see you on the roads! Let the Spring weather begin… 🙂

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