My New T-Shirt Bag!


Photo courtesy of Cassandra Donovann. Click to see bigger and in detail.

My ever-growing collection of race t-shirts has been made into quilts (see posts here  & here) and a really cool scarf. What to have made next? Fortunately for me, I stumbled on this talented artist.  She makes t-shirt bags from Girls on the Run t-shirts and donates $5 from each shirt to this very worthwhile organization. What a great idea – I’m in!

When I learned I could get a bag made from my Girls on the Run shirt, I was very excited. I sent Cassandra my blue GOTR shirt and my shirt from The Color Run race. It turned out to be a great combination. She even used part of the shirt to make a pocket inside. I love it! The inside fabric has polka dots – so cute. It is very well made and reasonably priced. I also love that it’s a different way to showcase your races. If you want to order your own bag or learn more about them, visit Cassandra’s website/blog. I still have more shirts to turn into fun items, I’m just not sure what those will be yet.


Photo I took at the June, 2012 Girls on the Run 5k event in Rochester, NY. Their next race is this Saturday, June 1st. 2013 at 6 pm at Monroe Community College. It’s open to the public to run or watch! Race details:

So, what is Girls on the Run? It’s a not for profit, nationwide program that teaches young girls self esteem, life lessons and how to run a 5k. I have been involved with the Rochester, NY chapter  since 2011. It is a great way to give back, even if you aren’t a runner. They are always on the lookout for volunteers, coaches and sponsors. For more details about this great program, visit here:


This represents 40 races I have run. Click to enlarge.




As for actual running, I’ve been slacking a bit, but am thinking of doing a running streak challenge. I missed the start of the Runner’s World one from Memorial Day to July 4th, so I may just create my own. I’ve never run at least a mile a day – I usually do more mileage in fewer days and then mix it up with cross training. We’ll see….


Smaller quilt representing 9 races.


This represents 5 races.








In the meantime, stay cool out there, enjoy your Summer and thanks for reading!

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