Worth His/Her Weight In Wine?


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In looking for my next event to run or blog about, I was intrigued when I saw something called a Carrying Championship. What the heck is that? I soon learned that this type of  event originated in Finland. It started as a sport where a husband would carry his wife through an obstacle course, competing against others to see who finished in the fastest time. The prize – the woman’s weight in beer.

For this event, couples did not have to be married or a male/female duo and they would be competing for the carried person’s weight in wine (or juice), not beer (up to 150 lbs.) It made sense they chose wine instead if beer, since the race was to take place at a winery, the very picturesque Ventosa Vineyards in Geneva, NY.

I was also drawn to this event because I saw that there would be food, a band and a portion of the proceeds would benefit the Beverly Animal Shelter and the American Red Cross in the Finger Lakes. The race was to start at 3 pm, which would have given me plenty of time to get there. It’s about an hour from my house.

Now, I had no intention of participating in this race myself, but figured it would be fun/crazy/interesting to attend and watch. Thank goodness I checked their FB page today though, because they cancelled the event. I’m so disappointed! They did say they would give refunds, but no mention was made about rescheduling it. I wonder what happened? I do know the weather has been awful, and I can just imagine those fields must be a mess. Even so, what a bummer. 😦

I’m always on the lookout for unique races and this would definitely have been one of them. Oh well. I decided to blog about it anyway, especially since I have not blogged in a bit. I have been running every day as part of the Runner’s World Running Streak, so my next blog post will be about that. The weather has been crazy- lots of rain. Hope your running and races are going well!

Until next time…. see you on the roads. 🙂

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3 Responses to Worth His/Her Weight In Wine?

  1. Dawn says:

    Hmmm…no mention as to why they canceled! Maybe they didn’t have enough people signed up. It’s been crazy rainy here, rains every afternoon, just pours…I’ve been thinking about maybe somehow possibly starting to run again. Have orthodics now that I’ve been breaking in just by walking. Took my stuff to work intending to walk/run after work…it started pouring at 4:30…again on Thursday and on Friday. Must be I wasn’t supposed to try to start then. Will try again Monday. I think. Maybe.

  2. runkiwirun13 says:

    Hi Dawn
    I was thinking the same thing – maybe not enough people signed up? Such a shame. Hopefully they will reschedule, because I think it’s a nice idea. As for the rain, it is definitely hard to get motivated when it’s raining, although I do not mind running in a light mist. A downpour is a whole other story. Monday is a great day to try again!

    • Dawn says:

      Well..it was, ummm, RAINING on MOnday. But I did go for a one mile run walk last night! And will walk again at lunch tomorrow and maybe run Thursday a.m. I’m hoping!

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