Not So Tiny Bubbles – Bubble Blast Run, Syracuse, NY

bubble**Updated** August, 2014

Good news, the Bubble Blast Run is back! This time, the 2nd Annual Bubble Blast Run is being held at the New York State Fair on Sunday, August 31st at 8 a.m. They’re also giving away lots of great prizes, including grandstand tickets, a $500 Destiny USA gift card, k-cup machine, coffee for a month at Tim Hortons and more. You can register to win prizes now (for free). New this year too is a #BubbleCup tour promotion where you visit various locations, get your photo taken with the BubbleCup and then post it for a chance to win even more prizes. Sounds like fun! 

To find out more details about the prizes you can win and the BubbleCup Tour promotion, click HERE.
To find out more details about the race (and to sign up), you can visit their official web page HERE. Here’s a link to the brand new course and a sneak peek at where the obstacles will be:

To read more about last year’s race and see photos, check out my review (below):

Who doesn’t love bubbles?! I know I do, so on September 14th, I headed to Syracuse to run in the inaugural Bubble Blast Run at Onondaga Community College, about an hour and a half from my house. I have participated in Syracuse races before – they have a fun and friendly running community.

This race is the exact opposite of the Dirty Girl Race. Instead of getting muddy, messy and dirty, you get squeaky clean as you run through bubble related obstacles.

Some of you may be too young to remember the song “Tiny Bubbles” (Don Ho, 1966), but that title popped into my mind when trying to come up with my fundraising name for this unique, bubble-filled race. So, with that song in my head, I named my team (of one) Tiny Bubbles. Other cute team names I saw: Bubble Bashers, Bubble Butts and Barbie’s Bubble Chasers! Money raised thru donations went to two great charities associated with this race: ACR Health and Operation Walk Syracuse. 

I was also drawn to this race because it was untimed and shorter than a 5k. The course was a 3k, which is approximately 1.67 miles. I know this because I was Race Director for a 3k last September at my work place, in honor of Run At Work Day. I was also excited because there was a mascot for this race, and I love mascots. This mascot, Bubbula, was named via a contest on the Bubble Blast FB page. For some reason though, I never saw him/her. Not sure why. 😦

I got to the race around 9 and got my bib, t shirt and a drawstring bag – nice swag! They also had other tshirts, goggles and hand warmers for sale. As a runner with Raynauds (a chronic circulation issue where your hands get painful attacks), I was grateful to see hand warmers (even tho I brought my own). You could sign up for raffles to win things and there were other vendors, tables and foods.


I went to the VIP tent which was sponsored by Tim Hortons.  The more money you raised, the more goodies you could get. I raised over $100, not too bad! I was able to get my pic taken with Syracuse University basketball coach Jim Boeheim and an autographed photo for my friend’s son. 🙂

They had tons of food available – bagels, doughnuts, muffins – but I don’t eat that type of food pre-race, so I did not take anything.  From there, I headed to the start line. They were already starting the bubble making process. It was cool to watch the bubbles float up and away. It was chilly, but once you started running, you warmed up. Running through bubbles is a bit slippery, but fun.  The little kids loved it too of course. Saw a lot of families walk/running.

After running a bit, you got to obstacle number one where you bunny hop through ropes on the ground and sidestep through ropes. From there, you run some more until you hit the slip and slide. I was ready – I had special glasses I use when I paint, so I wore those. I dove and slid to the end. They had a person at the other end helping you out and handing you a towel – much appreciated! You did have to stop and wait a bit til your turn, but I did not mind.

You then ran some more until you got to the human washing machine. It had those colorful foam noodles in it. Loved that one too!

Then, you ran some more until you go to this huge slide. I was a bit apprehensive about that one. I am short, and I had trouble getting to the first step. Not sure how little kids did that. You then grab on the handles and lift yourself as you go up the stairs. It was VERY slippery. I got to the top, and I admit – I was nervous! I then slid down the slide. It was fun until I was engulfed in bubbles – in my eyes, etc. I had trouble breathing, but I did make it out alive, lol. Coughing, but alive. I wish they had towels at that obstacle because it would have helped a lot. I was soaked! I know how hard it is to run when your clothes are completely wet. It was the same experience I had at the Wineglass Half. Fortunately, I only had to run less than half a mile to the end.

I kept going until I got to a huge firetruck that was blasting water on us. After that, you ran through one more bubble area and it was on to the finish line – the final bubble stop of the day. I then changed (in the porta potty) and then headed on my way. BubbleBlast complete!
SAM_1237I don’t have official numbers, but saw in this TV news story about the race that approximately 200 attended- not too bad for a first year race on a somewhat chilly, cloudy morning.

Pros: It was fun to run amidst bubbles and thru foam obstacles.  Low key, untimed event great for all ages.
Cons: None really. I was worried my Raynauds condition would kick in due to water and cold, but it didn’t (thankfully) and my hands were fine – no attacks.
Suggestions: Have towels at the slip n’ slide obstacle – we need them (or at least I did!) 🙂 Have a place you can change out of wet clothes after the race.
Cost: Price was around average for a race of this type (theme race). $40 for early bird registration, $50 day of. Age 7 to 16: $20, 6 and under: Free with one adult entry.
Tips: Bring a towel and change of clothing, since you will get wet. Leave your camera and phone in the car to protect them from water. I didn’t even wear my GPS watch since I was so concerned about ruining it. Since this was an untimed, just-for-fun race, it did not really matter. You might also want to bring a small washcloth or wear eye protection to keep the soapy bubbles from getting in your eyes.

Media: WSYR Story photos. ** Scroll down for more photos!! **

If you’re looking for a similar event on a larger scale, you might want to check out The Bubble Run, a longer race (5k) with bubbles and obstacles held around the country. It looks like NYC is the closest location to us. You’ll find thousands of people at each of their events, since they are national and most likely have a bigger advertising budget. I also saw that the bubble stations feature different color bubbles – similar to The Color Run, where you are doused in color.

For more info on the Syracuse race, check out the Bubble Blast Run webpage or their FB page. I’ll post more pics, videos and media coverage as I find it.

All and all, a fun morning! I think this race will continue to grow in the future. As for my running, my next race might not be ’til Thanksgiving, but you never know. Been faltering a lot this year. Honestly though, I do not miss running races every other week or even monthly. I needed a break.

Until next time, see you on the roads! -Kyra (aka Tiny Bubbles)
SAM_1264 SAM_1257 SAM_1254 SAM_1248 SAM_1247 SAM_1234 SAM_1233 SAM_1215 SAM_1213 SAM_1214

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2 Responses to Not So Tiny Bubbles – Bubble Blast Run, Syracuse, NY

  1. dawnkinster says:

    You are one wild and crazy woman! But it looked like fun….for maybe August….of course it was really nice yesterday…glad you had fun!

  2. Dawn says:

    Come on over to my blog and read about the Detroit Marathon…no I didn’t run. 😦 But I was there and it was great!

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