Fusion Fit Disc C3 Fusion Workout DVD Review


This month, I was given the opportunity to test the Fusion Fit Disc. This unique, 7 lb. disc is a combination medicine ball, kettle ball and dumbbell in one. It’s like a steering wheel with an added weight in the middle. The soft surface is easy to grab, move and hold onto. The disc comes with the C3 Fusion Workout DVD and an illustrated workout guide (mini poster).

I was anxious to try this workout since it combines strength training, cardio and core work. It looked like a great cross training routine to add into my exercise mix, especially in the off season from running. It’s been especially cold this Winter (-5 and below), so I have been working out inside. Anything that keeps me off the treadmill at this point, I’m all for trying!

The workout claims to burn 300 calories in 30 minutes. I do think it is possible, depending on how hard you work, what shape you’re in and how much you weigh.

The DVD contains an Intro, 30 minute workout and 15 minute Express Workout.


The 30 minute workout is broken into a warmup up, then two rounds of ten 45 second intervals (with a 15 second break in between each interval), followed by core work and cool down stretches.  A countdown on the right hand of the corner of the screen lets you know how long you have left for each interval and rest period.


Tracey does the workout alongside Jen (who modifies the move for beginners) and Julie (advanced). The directions and cueing were excellent. I was easily able to follow along. Tracey has a slight (Boston?) accent which is cute without being distracting.

This consisted of toe taps and mountain climbers. I HATE mountain climbers, but I did what I could. You then move into the main workout. Tracy explains each exercise in the few seconds prior to the interval starting. You also see the move demonstrated for a few seconds on the lower left corner of the screen. From there, you just follow along as Tracey leads you through the ten intervals.


Main Workout:

  1. Sumo Squats – you squat and lift the fit disc in the air
  2. Upright Rows – you lift the disc as you squat
  3. Traveling Pushups – done without the disc
  4. Alternating Lunges With A Twist – lunge, twist, repeat
  5. Overhead Triceps Press – lift, bend, repeat
  6. Jumping Jacks- I did the modified version (advanced has you lifting the disc in the air)
  7. Alternating Arm Swings – lift, repeat and switch
  8. Side Lunge With A Tap – squat, tap & stand
  9. Squat Overhead Press – done with one arm, then switch sides
  10. Burpees – these are EVIL (but very good for you). I did the modified version. Full version has you raising the disc above your head when you jump up.


Once you finish the 10 intervals, you then do the entire 10 again. After that, it’s time to move to the floor for core work consisting of:

  1. Situps/Crunches
  2. Reverse Crunch
  3. Russian Twist


After that, there is a brief cool down with stretches.


Post workout

They recommend you do this workout a minimum of 3x/week. If you don’t have time for the full 30 minute workout, you can do the 15 Minutes Express workout which consists of the same 10 intervals and ab exercises. While I may not do this 3x a week, I do plan to add this to my workout rotation.

Exercise Level:
I would say that the Fusion Fit Disc DVD is appropriate for beginning to advanced exercisers because you can modify the moves and/or speed up the repetitions. The moves seemed safe, straightforward and effective. And, as we’ve heard – interval training (short bursts of activity followed by a brief rest period) is fantastic for weight loss, fat burning and increasing cardio capacity. I don’t know about you, but those are all things I need more of!

Pros: Easy to learn, follow and do. Multi-interval combinations mean you won’t get bored. I also like how the poster shows and explains all the moves.
Cons: Would have liked even more combinations in the mix (i.e  offer new moves in the second set of ten intervals)

Bottom line – if you like to try new workouts, I recommend getting the Fusion Fit Disc and giving it a try! For more info and where to buy, click HERE.

Until next time, see you on the roads… 🙂

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